GrinderVac 2 in 1 - TightVac Grinders
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GrinderVac 2 in 1 - TightVac

Name: GrinderVac

Type: Vacuum sealed Grinder and box 2 in 1
Material: Solid military plastic
Type of use: Concentrate, Herbs
Device dimensions : Height 2.54 cm, Diameter 7.62 cm (1" tall, 3" diameter)
Capacity: 0.07 L, can hold up to 10g of herbs.

CHF9.54 (tax incl.) CHF8.82 (tax excl.)
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The product

Why buy two products instead of one? The GrinderVac from TightVac is a grinder and a sturdy transport box all in one! Made of strong military-grade plastic, it is waterproof and will hold up to 10 grams of herbs.

You will find in the picture two diagrams that will help you get a good grip on your GrinderVac. Thanks to its simple mechanism it will keep your herbs away from light and humidity for a long time. Simply open the valve and close/open the lid by turning it. Inside, a "shark teeth" type grinder will chop your material very finely. It comes with a TightPac Poker to remove all the particles and not lose a crumb from your mix.

An indispensable tool at a minimal price!