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Lemon Haze "Pop's" Small Buds - Cannabis King
Name : Lemon Haze "Pop's" Small Buds - Cannabis King
Quantity: 22gr THC content: <1% CBD content: <20 Taste: Strong lemon, eucalyptus, minty Culture: Indoor Price per gram: 1.36 CHF/gr
Yellow Mix - Samurai
Yellow Mix - Samurai

Product : "Samurai" tobacco with CBD 10g
Quantity: 3g of CBD, 7g of tobacco
Use: Ideal for rolling cigarettes for smoking.
Red Mix - Samurai
Red Mix - SamuraiProduct : "Samurai" tobacco with CBD 10gQuantity: 3g of CBD, 7g of tobaccoUse: Ideal for rolling cigarettes for smoking.
Lemon Haze - Floralpes
Name : Lemon Haze
Quantity : 5 grTHC content : CBD content : 9-13%Taste : Floral, earthy and fruity with orange peel and citrus flavourCultivation : IndoorPrice per gram : Chf 4.00 CHF/g
Mini Buds Mix - Floralpes
Name : Mini Buds Mix
Quantity : 10 grTHC content : CBD content : 8-21%Taste : Bitter, fir and lemon notesCultivation : Indoor mix & under-groundPrice per gram : Chf 2.00 CHF/g
Crazy Harlequin MiniBUDS - Genuine Swiss
Name : Crazy Harlequin MiniBUDS Brand : Genuine Swiss
Quantity : 10.0gTHC content: <1%CBD content: <20Taste : sweet, fruityCulture : IndoorPrice per gram : From 4.5 Chf.
Paradise Kush Indoor - B-Chill
Name : Paradise Kush Indoor - B-Chill
Quantity: 4.20g THC content: <0.95% (in the case of the Paradise Kush) CBD content: <25% Taste: Exotic fruitCulture: Indoor Price per gram: 9.5 CHF/gr
1x Sweet Star Pre-Rolled Joint - Qualicann
Name: 1x Pre-Rolled Sweet Star Joint - Qualicann
Content: 100% Sweet StarAmount of pure flower per joint: ≈1.0gTHC content: <1% CBD content: <26% Dimension: 100mm approx.Growing: IndoorTaste: sweet and sour, mint