Designed for phyto-inhalation our range of high quality vaporizers has been selected for all those who want to consume cannabis and take care of his health. Cannabis, consumed as a vapor (vaporizer) is much more healthy than if it is consumed as smoke (combustion). A new trend that allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without suffering the adverse effects.

VapCap M 2021 ObsiduiM - Dynavap
Name: VapCap M 2021 ObsiduiM - Dynavap
The new VapCap from Dynavap Color Edition ObsiduiM. Herbal extractors and concentrates in indestructible colors. This model has little tint.

The Cap may have slight color changes if heated over a flame.
Vita - Wolkenkraft - Portable vaporizer
The WOLKENKRAFT ViTA is a very small and easy to use vaporizer with optimized conduction technology. It is great for travel and can be stored almost anywhere instantly due to its incredibly small size. The ViTA is ideal for your pocket.