Hemp CBD

CBD Cigarettes - Mountain Smokes
Name: CBD Cigarettes
Quantity: 20 cigarettesTHC content: <0.2% per cigaretteCBD content: 70mg CBD per cigaretteFull spectrumTobacco free, nicotine free, pesticide free, biodegradable product
Renegade OG Kush Greenhouse- Budz
Name: Renegade OG Kush Greenhouse
Quantity: 10grTHC rate: <1%.CBD rate : <16%Taste: Citrus, spicy, earthyCulture: GreenhousePrice per gram: Chf 2.99
Swiss Dream CBD Seeds Autoflower Rosé - Kannabia
Name: Swiss Dream CBD Seeds Autoflower Rosé
Valid for: indoor and outdoorGenotype: Indica-dominant HybridFlowering time : 10-11 weeksTHC: <1%CBD: <20%Seed quantity: 5 piecesTaste: Fruity, red fruit with earthy notes
Cannatonic Indoor - Herba Di Berna
Name: Cannatonic 
Quantity: 11grTHC rate: <1%.CBD rate : <15%Taste: Fruity, Sweet, CitrusCulture: IndoorPrice per gram: Chf 4.55