Joints Pré-Roulé

Looking for a quick and easy way to enjoy the benefits of cbd? You don't know how to roll or simply want your flowers to be ready to use? Discover our selection of pre-rolled cbd joints, ready to be consumed! Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find the right cbd joint for you among our different varieties and concentrations.

Our cbd joints are made from quality organic hemp, without additives or pesticides. They offer you a relaxing and wellness experience, without any psychoactive effects. Order your pre-rolled cbd joints from us now and enjoy fast and discreet delivery!

Blunt Pre-Roulé 2gr - Legendary
Name: Premium CBD cigarettes
Quantity: 1 Blunt - 2grTHC content: 0.44%Total CBD content: Full spectrumTobacco free, nicotine free, pesticide free, biodegradable product
1x Sweet Star Pre-Rolled Joint - Qualicann
Name: 1x Pre-Rolled Sweet Star Joint - Qualicann
Content: 100% Sweet StarAmount of pure flower per joint: ≈1.0gTHC content: <1% CBD content: <26% Dimension: 100mm approx.Growing: IndoorTaste: sweet and sour, mint