Grinder Card Olivier Bonhomme Black - Cannabis King® Grinders
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Grinder Card Olivier Bonhomme Black - Cannabis King®

Name: Grinder Card Olivier Bonhomme Black

Format: Credit Card
Material: Stainless steel

CHF7.53 (tax incl.) CHF6.96 (tax excl.)
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The product 

Cannabis King® is proud to present the Grinder Card™ patented by V-Syndicate!

This card with the now mythical Olivier Bonhomme design on a bélack background, will be useful at all times! Its practical "credit card" format and its protective sleeve included, will allow you to carry it everywhere with you. It is made of a surgical quality stainless steel plate.

Its patented, grater-style grinder allows you to chop your favourite flowers with disconcerting ease! It is ideal for preparing "on the go" amounts of mix for your spray or blunt. The Card™ Grinder is easy to use and cleans up in a jiffy.

In short, it's avant-garde, elegant, useful and practical. The Grinder Card™ will become a must have for every Kings worthy of the name!