Dabit Card™ Deluxe Olivier Bonhomme - Cannabis King® Grinders
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Dabit Card™ Deluxe Olivier Bonhomme - Cannabis King®

Name: Olivier Bonhomme Bleu - Cannabis King®

Format: Credit Card
Material: Stainless steel

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The product 

Cannabis King® is proud to present the Dabit Card™ Deluxe patented by V-Syndicate!

This card with the now legendary Olivier Bonhomme design will be useful at all times! Its practical "credit card" format and its protective silicone sleeve will allow you to carry it everywhere with you. It is made of a surgical-grade stainless steel plate.

In addition to its patented "grinder" part, like a grater that allows you to chop your favourite flowers with disconcerting ease, it contains four integrated tools held in place by a magnetic closure.

A "Packer", useful for packing your herbs in a spray bottle for example. A "Spork", with on one side a spoon with a hole in the centre to handle larger quantities of oil and to allow heat to pass through. The other end is shaped like a fork, useful for easily transferring large slippery chunks. A "Scrapper" which, thanks to its two sloping edges, allows you to scrape off oil residues and access hard-to-reach areas. And finally, a "Poker". It has fine and medium tips for pricking and cleaning.

In short, an avant-garde, elegant, useful and practical tool. The Dabit Card™ Deluxe will become an indispensable tool for all Kings worthy of the name!