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Activated carbon filters actif ActiTube - Slim
Type: Activated carbon filters - SlimBrand: actiTubeQuantity per box: 50 active carbon filtersDimension of filters: 27x6.8mmWeight: 0.20 g / filterMaterial: cellulose and activated carbonFor single use
Rolling Papers - GVA City
Type: Rolling papers Brand: GVA City
Quantity per book: 32 sheets Size of the sheets: 109x44mm Grammage: Ultra-fine paper 12g / m2
Paperboard Filter Tip - Greengo
Type : Paperboard Filter TipBrand : Greengo
Quantity per booklets : 50 filter tipSize of the filter tip : 60x20mmGrammage: 140g / m2
Amnesia - Starbuds - CBD flowers
Name: Amnesia
Quantity: 15gTHC rate: <1%CBD rate: 24%Flavour: AmnesiaCulture: IndoorPrice per gram: Chf 4.60
Bubble Gum - Starbuds
Name: Bubble Gum
Quantity: 15gTHC rate: <1%.CBD rate: 22%.Flavour: Fruity, sweetCulture: IndoorPrice per gram: 4.60 Chf
Strawberry - Starbuds
Name: Strawberry
Quantity: 15gTHC rate: <1%.CBD rate: 25%.Flavour: Strawberry, earthyCulture: IndoorPrice per gram: Chf 4.60
CBD Cigarettes - Legendary
Name: Premium CBD Cigarettes
Quantity: 20 cigarettesTHC content: 0.44%Total CBD content: <26% Full spectrumTobacco free, nicotine free, pesticide free, biodegradable product
Rolling Papers - OCB Slim Premium
Type: Rolling papers King Size SlimBrand: Gizeh
Quantity per book: 34 sheets Size of the sheets: 108x44mm Grammage: Extra-fine paper 14g / m2
La Mista - Mon Joint
Name: La Mista
Quantity: 10gTHC rate : -1%CBD rate: 12-19%.Taste: Fruity and full-bodiedCulture: IndoorPrice per gram: Chf 5.50-