Combiebox Olivier Bonhomme - Cannabis King® Storage boxes
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Combiebox Olivier Bonhomme - Cannabis King®

Type : Combiebox Olivier Bonhomme whit aluminium grinder

Colour: Blue

Dimensions: 110mm x 30mm x 22mm

CHF26.35 (tax incl.) CHF35.13 -25% CHF24.37 (tax excl.)
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The product : 

Here is the ingenious rolling set essential for all Kings on the move with its fabulous design by Olivier Bonhomme. This pocket accessory is simply brilliant because it combines all the tools Kings need to roll their joints on the go.

Very well designed in a very resistant plastic with multiple compartments to store your flowers, rolling papers and cardboard filters. It also has an aluminium grinder for extra durability and a small cleaning tool.

Once your flowers have been crushed, they fall directly into the "mixing bowl" compartment so that you can mix them safely. Then prepare your filter and your leaf at the back of the Combiebox and pour it into the leaf and you're done.

The all-in-one box from the Kings on the move that fits in any pocket or handbag and fits in one hand!

Our opinion : 

Am I going out? Combiebox Cannabis King what else?