If you are looking for an economical and environmentally friendly way to enjoy the benefits of CBD, CBD trim is for you! CBD trim is a mixture of leaves, flower residues and trichomes from the cultivation and harvesting of legal cannabis. It contains a sufficient level of CBD to bring you relaxation and a good mood, while respecting the Swiss legislation on THC.

You can use CBD trim as an infusion, in cooking or as a supplement to your joints. There are several varieties of CBD trim, with different flavours and effects. You can buy them online on our website, which will guarantee you a fast and discreet delivery. Don't wait any longer, discover the CBD trim now!

OrangeIce Trim - Cannabees
Name : OrangeIce Trim
Quantity : 25grTHC content : 0.65%CBD content : 16%Taste : Orange, SweetGrowing : IndoorPrice per gram : From Chf 1.06 CHF/gr
Orange Skunk "Pinch" Trim - Cannabis King
Name : Orange Skunk "Pinch" Trim
Quantity: 18gr THC content: <1% CBD content: <20% Taste: Earthy, Hazelnut notes Culture: Indoor Price per gram: 0.90 CHF/gr