Grinder "Skull Grinder" 40mm - Champ High Grinders
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Grinder "Skull Grinder" 40mm - Champ High

Name: Grinder "Skull Grinder"

Type: 4 parts table grinder

Diameter: 40mm

Height: 44mm

Materials: Metal

  • Gold
  • Multicolor
  • Silver
  • Cooper
CHF15.06 (tax incl.) CHF13.93 (tax excl.)
Tax included

The product

Cannabis King® presents the Champ High "Skull Grinder" grinder.

With its 4 parts and 40mm diameter, it is perfect to be carried or simply left on your table.

It is available in 4 beautiful designs. The designs all feature a different skull and crossbones, giving each grinder an original and unique look.

A grinder not to be missed!