Hash & Pollen

Looking for quality hash with high CBD and low THC content? Check out our selection of hash with the best Swiss CBD cannabis extracts. Whether it's pollen, charras or other varieties, we have what you need to enjoy the relaxing and soothing effects of CBD hash. Order online on our website and receive your package quickly and discreetly. Don't wait any longer and discover the pleasure of Swiss CBD hash!

Bubble Hash - Hash Gang
Name : Bubble Hash
Quantity : 4.20gTHC content : <1%CBD rate: <50%Price per gram : 9.05 CHF/g
Jamaican Pollen - Hash Gang
Name : Jamaican Pollen 
Quantity: 4.20gTHC rate: < 1%CBD rate: <35%.Price per gram: CHF 4.75
Red Lebanese - Hash Gang
Name : Red Lebanese
Quantity: 4.20gTHC rate: < 1%CBD rate: <40%.Price per gram: CHF 5.95
Triple Filtered - Hash Gang
Name : Triple Filtered
Quantity: 4.20gTHC rate: < 1%CBD rate: <80%.Price per gram: CHF 6.90
Manali Cream - Hash Gang
Name : Manali Cream
Quantity: 4.20gTHC rate: < 1%CBD rate: <45%.Price per gram: CHF 6.90