Do you love cannabis and are you looking for accessories to make the most of your experience? Discover our wide range of accessories for cannabis smokers: filters, rolling papers, filters, grinder, storage boxes, bongs and pipes, scales, mini-grips... We have everything you need to prepare, consume and store your favourite herb. Don't wait any longer and order now on our website!

Cone Wallet - Raw
Name: Cone Wallet 
Size: 3.8 x 5.8 x 13.0 cmColour: BeigeMaterial: Woven hemp
Secret hiding place Type D Battery
Name: Type D Battery Hideout
Type: Pill box, hiding placeMaterial: Plastic, MetalDevice dimensions : Depth 5.9 cm, Diameter 3.3 cm
Classic Wood Box - Raw
Name: Classic Wood Box 
Dimensions: 12.9cm x 8.7cm x 6.5cmColour: WoodMaterial: Natural wood
Smell Proof Metal Tube
Nom:  Smell Proof Metal Tube

Type: Odourless aluminium tube
Diameter: 18 mm
Length: 120 mm
Materials : Aluminium
Perfect for storing pre-rolled cigars or cigars! Splash and odour resistant, as the thread is sealed with a rubber ring.