CBD Hash

Looking for quality Hash, with less than 1% THC and 100% legal? You are in the right place! We offer you a selection of CBD Hash, made from the best Swiss cannabis extracts. Whether you prefer pollen, charras, moonrocks or other varieties, you will find what you are looking for on our website. Order online and enjoy fast and discreet delivery. Don't wait any longer, discover our range of Hash CBD and treat yourself!

Manali Cream - Hash Gang
Name : Manali Cream
Quantity: 4.20gTHC rate: < 1%CBD rate: <45%.Price per gram: CHF 6.90
Temple Ball - Hash Gang
Name : Temple Ball
Quantity : 4.20gTHC content : <1%CBD rate: <50%Price per gram : 10.0 CHF/g
Bubble Hash - Hash Gang
Name : Bubble Hash
Quantity : 4.20gTHC content : <1%CBD rate: <50%Price per gram : 9.05 CHF/g
Jamaican Pollen - Hash Gang
Name : Jamaican Pollen 
Quantity: 4.20gTHC rate: < 1%CBD rate: <35%.Price per gram: CHF 4.75
Double Zero - Hash Gang
Name : Double Zero
Quantity: 4.20gTHC rate: < 1%CBD rate: <40%.Price per gram: CHF 5.95
Paradise Kush Indoor - B-Chill
Name : Paradise Kush Indoor - B-Chill
Quantity: 4.20g THC content: <0.95% (in the case of the Paradise Kush) CBD content: <25% Taste: Exotic fruitCulture: Indoor Price per gram: 9.5 CHF/gr
Choco Loco Outdoor - B-Chill
Name : Choco Loco Outdoor - B-Chill
Quantity: 10g THC content: <0.54 span=""> CBD content: <15% Taste Chocolate Hazelnut FlavorCulture Outdoor Price per gram: 4.00 CHF/gr
Greenhouse Dry Extract - B-Chill
Name: Greenhouse Dry Extract - B-Chill
Quantity: 10gr THC content: <1.0% CBD content: <19% Taste: Intense and floral aroma, with a touch of citrus! Culture: Greenhouse Price per gram: 5.0CHF/gr