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Filter 8mm 50pcs - Short - Rolls

Name: Filter 8mm 50pcs - Short - Rolls

Quantity: 50pcs per box
Diameter: 8mm
Length: 27mm

  • Turbo" cooling system
  • Eliminates impurities
  • Easy to roll
CHF10.54 (tax incl.) CHF9.75 (tax excl.)
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The product:

Rolls Smart Filters impress with good pollutant filtering, great taste and a new smoke cooling system to protect your respiratory tract.

What's more, the packaging design in different pin-up variants makes Rolls Smart Filter a cutting-edge product. The alternative to the activated carbon filter Rolls Smart Filters have been developed by us with a great deal of effort - the result is that they filter pollutants out of the smoke while having an integrated cooling system.

Here, you can decide the intensity of the effect yourself. Each individual filter contains our innovative system which, on the one hand, effectively filters pollutants out of the smoke and, on the other, incorporates a unique smoke cooling system.

Activated charcoal filters can't keep up with these features! Determine the cooling effect yourself with Rolls filters With this system, you can decide for yourself how strong the cooling effect of your herbal blend should be, so that your blend is always perfect.

All you have to do is watch how far the filter extends into the rolling leaf. And with Rolls , you can enjoy a more pleasant smoking experience, with fewer pollutants, thanks to our ingenious filtration system!