Smoking Kit GoGreen 3 in 1 - Box of 24 Kits - Pay-Pay Rolling sheets
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Smoking Kit GoGreen 3 in 1 - Box of 24 Kits - Pay-Pay

Name: Box of 24 Kits - 3 in 1 rolling sheets with filters and rolling tray

Quantity per book: 32 sheets, 32 pre-cut cardboard filters and rolling tray
Size of the sheets: King Size, Slim

CHF79.80 (tax incl.) CHF73.82 (tax excl.)

Instead of CHF96.36

Tax included

The product :

Cannabis King® offers you the ultimate 3 in 1 kit from Pay-Pay, in a Box of 24 kits! Each kit contains 32 "GoGreen" King Size Slim rolling sheets, made from 100% renewable energy, without additives or bleach! 32 pre-cut, perforated cardboard boxes to roll perfect, natural filters. The must-have in this kit is the small integrated folding cardboard rolling tray! In fact, you can brave the elements and have all the necessary material at hand to roll a perfect joint, anywhere and in any condition.

The 3 in 1 Pay-Pay kit is easy to carry in a pocket or bag and will quickly become an essential item in your arsenal!