Rolling Papers + Filters - Gizeh King Size Slim Pure Rolling sheets
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Rolling Papers + Filters - Gizeh King Size Slim Pure

Type: Rolling papers Pure King Size Slim + Filters
Brand: Gizeh

Quantity per book: 34 sheets + 34 Filters
Size of the sheets: 107x44mm
Grammage: Extra-fine paper 14g / m2

CHF2.50 (tax incl.) CHF2.32 (tax excl.)
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The product:

Gizeh Pure are almost transparent rolling sheets made of organic hemp. The paper weight is 14 g / m². These leaves are equipped with a natural gum arabic based on Acacia sap. The paper burns very slowly and goes out. Each package contains 34 Gizeh sheets, 34 Gizeh filters and a magnetic closure.

The brand:

Gizeh is a German brand specializing in all items for smokers. Their presence on the market for decades has enabled them to acquire unrivalled know-how in this field.

Our opinion:

Extra fine paper ensures pure pleasure without inappropriate taste.

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