Blunt Wrap Double Platinium "Watermelon" - Blunt Wrap Blunt
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Blunt Wrap Double Platinium "Watermelon" - Blunt Wrap

Name: Blunt Wrap Double Platinium "Watermelon"

Quantity: 2 pces
THC rate: 0%.
CBD rate: 0%
Taste: Watermelon

CHF2.01 (tax incl.) CHF1.86 (tax excl.)
Tax included

The product 

Cannabis King® offers you Blunt rolling leaves from Blunt Wrap.

Are you a fan of rolling joints with a flavored cigar leaf? Blunt Wrap Double Platinum is for you! The packet contains two cigar leaves made in the Dominican Republic, with the aroma of a sweet blend of strawberry and kiwi fruit!

Treat yourself and try the originality of Blunt Wrap Blunt Flavoured Blunts!