Blunt Wrap Double Platinium "Mojito" - Blunt Wrap Blunt
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Blunt Wrap Double Platinium "Mojito" - Blunt Wrap

Name: Blunt Wrap Double Platinium "Mojito"

Quantity: 2 pces
THC rate: 0%.
CBD rate: 0%
Taste: Mojito

CHF2.01 (tax incl.) CHF1.86 (tax excl.)
Tax included

The product 

Cannabis King® offers you Blunt rolling leaves from Blunt Wrap.

Are you a fan of rolling joints with a flavored cigar leaf? Blunt Wrap Double Platinum is for you! The package contains two cigar leaves made in the Dominican Republic, flavored with Mojito!

Treat yourself and try the originality of Blunt Wrap flavored Blunts!