Boîte de stockage hermétique 0.57L - Tightvac Accessories
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Boîte de stockage hermétique 0.57L - Tightvac

Type : Hermetic box
Brand: Tightvac

Height: 14.5cm
Diameter: 8cm
Capacity: 0.57L
Color : Black

CHF14.05 (tax incl.) CHF13.00 (tax excl.)
Tax included

The product :

Tightvac is a patented vacuum sealed container, a food storage box that keeps fresh products up to 3 times longer than conventional containers. Made of thick plastic, which makes them very strong against shocks and your food is extremely well protected. Tightvac is the easiest container opening and closing system on the market!
Tightvac containers are waterproof, water resistant and odor free.

Our opinion :

In its larger version this storage box is ideal for home storage.