Juicy Hemp Wraps "Eldorado" - Pineapple Shake Taste - Juicy Jay's Blunt
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Juicy Hemp Wraps "Eldorado" - Pineapple Shake Taste - Juicy Jay's

Name: Juicy Hemp Wraps "Eldorado"

Quantity: 2 pces
THC rate: 0%
CBD rate: 0%
Taste: Pinneaple

CHF2.00 (tax incl.) CHF1.86 (tax excl.)
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The product 

Cannabis King® presents Juicy Jay's Pineapple flavoured Juicy Hemp Wraps "Eldorado". The product is delivered in a re-sealable zip lock bag to preserve the freshness and incredible flavour of your wraps.

Indeed, when you open the bag, an amazing pineapple scent is released. It is very intense and realistic! The flavour has been enhanced with a specific terpene profile. The leaves are treated with a triple soak in the aroma, before being submerged for a whole week! This gives the Juicy Hemp Wraps their exceptional flavour and allows them to burn evenly and slowly.

The bag contains two blunt leaves, made from 100% tobacco free hemp.

With an unbeatable price, it would be a shame not to try these amazing tasting wraps!

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