RIPS - Canadian Hemp Wraps Rolling sheets
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RIPS - Canadian Hemp Wraps

Type : Hemp Wraps

Brand: Rips

Length of the sheet: 112mm

  • cherry
  • grape
  • purple
  • bubble gum
CHF3.51 (tax incl.) CHF3.25 (tax excl.)
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The Product : 

RIPS Canadian Hemp Wraps are tobacco free wraps made from pure hemp and flavored.

RIPS is known for its high quality rolling papers - Canadian Hemp Wraps are no exception! Each package contains 6 Wraps, which are not only packaged fresh and extremely aromatic, but also arrive at your house the same way! Since RIPS Canadian Hemp Wraps do not contain tobacco, they are of course also nicotine free!

Natural Hemp - contains no tobacco or nicotine!