Pre-Formed Super Blunt "Razz" - Raspberry Taste - Juicy Jay's Blunt
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Pre-Formed Super Blunt "Razz" - Raspberry Taste - Juicy Jay's

Name: Pre-Formed Super Wrap "Razz"

Quantity: 1 pce
THC rate: 0%
CBD rate: 0%
Taste: Raspberry
Size: about 25cm

CHF9.94 (tax incl.) CHF9.19 (tax excl.)
Tax included

The product 

Cannabis King® presents the pre-formed, Raspberry flavoured "Razz" Super Wrap from Juicy Jay's. With their impressive size of about 25cm, Juicy Jay's Super Blunt are simply the largest blunts on the market!

Sometimes it takes more than just a blunt. A party with friends? A special occasion? This Super wrap will be perfect! The tobacco leaf is wrapped around a large plastic cone to give it its final shape. This process makes it easy to roll up! Hours of fun and sharing are guaranteed.

The blunt will be delivered to you in a sealed package which itself is in a cardboard box to preserve all the flexibility of the leaf, freshness and taste intact.