Pollen Extractor Hashmaker 150µ - Black Leaf Various accessories
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Pollen Extractor Hashmaker 150µ - Black Leaf

Name: Hashmaker 150µ

Raw Material: Plastic
Dimensions of the device: Diameter 75mm
Weight: 180g

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The product

The Black Leaf Hashmaker is ideal for extracting pollen from your cannabis flowers. With a diameter of 75mm and a weight of 180g, it can be easily stored and does not take up much space.

Its use is simple: unscrew the lid, fill it with your heads, put it in the fridge for 30 minutes and shake, shake, shake! All you have to do is open the lower cup gently, collect the pollen and smile!

A portable, practical, easy to use and affordable way to make your own homemade pollen!