Tattoo "Olivier Bonhomme" - Cannabis King® Cannabis King ®
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Tattoo "Olivier Bonhomme" - Cannabis King®

Name: Tattoo "Olivier Bonhomme"

Size: 10x10 cm

CHF3.01 (tax incl.) CHF2.79 (tax excl.)
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The product

Cannabis King® launches its ephemeral tattoo range! This model features the superb design of Olivier Bonhomme, a must have for all regular Kings!

A beautiful quality transfer, non-toxic to the skin and easy to use:

Cut out the tattoo, place it gently on the desired spot, face against the skin, wet with a clean cloth or sponge, press and wait 30 seconds. That's it! 

It is easy to cut and will last about 1 week.

It is an ideal accessory for our competitions! Don't hesitate to post your most incredible photos on our social networks!

Now you can show your loved ones and the world the King in you, in style!