Make Your Cannagar - The Incredible - D3-ch Gmbh Various accessories
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Make Your Cannagar - The Incredible - D3-ch Gmbh

Name : Make Your Cannagar - The Incredible

Type: Cannagar mould
Raw material: Aluminium, plastic, wood
Type of use: Cannagar creation
Dimension: Height 160mm, Diameter 21mm

CHF79.29 (tax incl.) CHF73.35 (tax excl.)
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The product

Cannabis KingIntroducing the "The Incredible" cannagar mold from! The biggest model available for Cannagars.
A mold that will allow you to make your own cannabis cigarillo with up to 34gr of crushed flowers!
Just assemble the parts, insert a wooden rod to the end (supplied), fill the funnel with crushed cannabis, press with the metal tube (also supplied) and let it rest for a while (2h to 3h depending on the quantity). Then unmould your cannagar and roll it with hemp leaves, tobacco leaves, rose petals or any kind of blunt.
It is recommended not to put too many flowers before starting to pack your cannagar. Pack more or less depending on the desired intensity. (see pictures)

There are several advantages to consuming your best herb in the form of cannagar. The smoke is smoother, the flavors are stronger and with this format "The Incredible", your cannagar will last up to 10-12 hours!

Tip: Light your Cannagar well, ideally with a storm lighter to launch it properly.
Be careful, you must not pull on the Cannagar during the lighting!

A simple and unforgettable experience! You will be conquered and will not be able to smoke your herbs in any other way!