Filtres en carton - Banksy Thug Life - Rose - G-Rollz Filters
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Cardboard filters - Banksy Thug Life - Pink - G-Rollz

Cardboard filters - Banksy Thug Life - Pink - G-Rollz

Material: paper

Brand: G-Rollz

Size: 2.5 x 6 cm

Number of filters: 50

CHF3.01 (tax incl.) CHF2.79 (tax excl.)
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Product :

G-Rollz Filter Tips

G-ROLLZ filters are top quality!

These filters are 2.5 cm wide and 6 cm long, the perfect dimensions to enhance your smoking experience!

With each book of filters, you'll receive 50 filters that have been carefully crafted to give you a smooth, pleasant smoking experience.

The high quality and precise size of the filters allow you to enjoy the full taste of your smoke while filtering out unwanted residues and impurities.

Whether you're relaxing alone or sharing time with friends, Tips filters from GROLLZ are the perfect addition to your smoking paraphernalia.

Let yourself be seduced by the quality and comfort of these top-of-the-range filters and discover the pleasure of smoking in a whole new way.

Get GROLLZ filters today and discover a new dimension in smoking!