Activated carbon filters 7mm - 42 pieces - dubi Filtres à charbon actif
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Activated carbon filters 7mm - 42 pieces - dubi

Type Activated carbon filters 7mm - 42 pieces - dubi

Quantity per box: 42 filters
Dimension of filters: 7mm diameter

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The product:

The legendary dubi activated carbon filters come to us from the beautiful city of Salzburg! This ingenious design, which took more than four years to develop, is the result of know-how and passion. Meticulous workmanship and almost exacting quality requirements have resulted in an activated carbon filter that draws superbly, tastes great and does not clog - a filter that is designed to be built!

Clogged filters are a thing of the past - even in sub-zero temperatures! The unique and innovative design of the ceramic caps on both sides and the filling of high-quality untreated activated carbon from natural coconut shells ensure that the dubi activated carbon filter not only tastes first class, but also retains its excellent draught in almost any situation imaginable.

The weak points of other activated carbon filters have been specifically addressed, e.g. dubi filters contain significantly less fine dust than comparable products, as they only use activated coconut carbon with a high degree of hardness. But the best thing about the dubi filter is that it does not clog up even at low temperatures and high humidity - dubis have a unique airflow! The degree of activated carbon filling is optimally chosen so that, despite good filtering, sufficient terpenes are passed through - with dubi, you can taste what has been turned!

Dubi attaches great importance to sustainability, fairness and social compatibility, both in the choice of resources and in the production conditions.

  • high quality activated carbon from coconut shells
  • innovative ceramic caps on both sides
  • remains functional even at sub-zero temperatures
  • a dubi is completely harmless to the environment
  • produced at the highest technical and ecological level
  • dubi tastes like it's been rolled
  • made in Austria