E-liquid Girl Scout Cookies with CBD - Cali Terpenes CBD
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E-liquid Girl Scout Cookies with CBD - Cali Terpenes

Type : E-liquid Girl Scout Cookies
Brand : Cali Terpenes
Quantity of E-Liquid : 10ml
THC content: 0%
Amount of CBD : 100mg
Taste : Girl Scout Cookies
Nicotine : Free
PG/VG : 90/10

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The product:

Cali Terpenes e-liquids guarantee the flavors and aromas true to the aromatic profile of each variety of cannabis, thanks to Cali Terpenes terpenes. Their high quality formulation was made in collaboration with the medical expert in cannabinoids, terpenes and vaping: Mariano Garcia de Palau. These liquids have a low content of vegetable glycerin, which makes them healthier and are composed of raw materials of European origin.e-liquids undergo a rigorous quality control process. Shake well before use. Not suitable for pregnant women and young people under 18 years.

Now available with 100mg of CBD


Cali Terpenes is a leading company in the production of high quality terpene profiles and terpene e-liquids.Cali Terpenes is based in Barcelona and started in California following the legalization of cannabis and the massive appearance of 'Vape Pens' with cannabinoid distillates, cannabis extracts and cannabis edibles.They can count on a great team of cannabis and herbal experts, chemists, flavour chemists, doctors, technicians... as well as state of the art facilities, which allow an innovative and high quality product.Their main objective has always been to provide all types of sectors with a new type of aroma with the aromatic profile of the best cannabis varieties, which without a doubt, offer added value to the different types of products. They use high quality, certified and analyzed raw materials -from the European Community only- in order to guarantee that our products meet the expectations of our clients.Cali Terpenes is a company producing terpene-based e-liquids (cannabis-flavored e-liquids) of the highest quality, formulated in collaboration with the famous Dr. Mariano García de Palau, who is an expert in cannabinoids and terpenes.

Our opinion:

An innovative and delicious product, to be tested without further delay!

At Cali Terpenes, they are dedicated to the development of cannabis terpene profiles, 100% natural, to be used in vaporization and aromatherapy. They have one of the best testing and product development laboratories in Europe and they always use high quality raw materials to ensure that their products meet all our customers' expectations.

The high quality of terpens is very important to them and they ensure working with products of the highest purity, thus ensuring excellence in the end products. It should be noted that their terpenic profiles of specific cannabis varieties often end up being part of other products on the market, forcing them to assure customers of the maximum quality and standards of all their products. In Europe and the United States, their customers already mixed their terpenes, either with CBD, PGC, glycerin or THC (depending on the country and/or the customer), and mixed them with different herbal extracts and resins to obtain exceptional results.