Pink Lemonade- Harmony - E-liquide E-liquids
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Pink Lemonade- Harmony - E-liquide

Type: E-liquid - Pink Lemonade

Brand: Harmony
Quantity of E-Liquid: 10ml
THC: 0% THC rate
CBD rate: 1% / 3% / 6%
Taste:  pamplemousse 

Nicotine: Without
Propylenglycol (PG): With

  • 300mg
  • 600mg
  • 100mg
CHF19.97 (tax incl.) CHF18.48 (tax excl.)
Tax included

The product:

Pink Lemonade  e-liquid can be sprayed with all electronic cigarettes.

Sweet flavours and strawberry smells come from more than 350 molecules that work together to produce them simultaneously, just a little more than the average 200 seeds you can see outside!

Combined with CBD oil, this is a juicy experience that will definitely evoke the memories of summer!

Its hemp aroma is 100% authentic and comes with different levels of CBD strength.

What is CBD and terpenes?

CBD is a natural compound found and extracted from certain hemp strains.

Unlike THC, it has no psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects.

Terpenes are organic compounds, you can find them in a variety of plants and they contribute to their flavour, smell and colour.

They interact in synergy with cannabinoids to create what scientists call a "entourage effect" that amplifies the effects of individual plant components.

Characteristics bottle:

PG / VG: 80/20 for the best vaping experience / Certified CBD Concentration / Guaranteed THC free & nicotine free / Flavours based on terpenes / No alcohol / No animal extracts / USP / Food grade ingredients / No diacetyl and controlled quality.


Propylenglycol PG / Vegetable glycerin VG, Terpenes (Myrcene, Terpinolene, Beta Caryophyllene)

CBD per bottle of 10ml: 100mg, 300mg, 600mg, CBD per bottle of 10ml

Precautions for use:

You must be of legal smoking age to use this product.

Do not drive or operate machinery while using it.

Do not use by women who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Keep tightly closed and away from direct sunlight.

May induce drowsiness.

Does not contain THC.

The brand:

Harmony stands out in the e-liquids category thanks to its unwavering commitment to quality.

This level of quality and consistency is only possible thanks to certified organic hemp grown with love and care by family farms.

Harmony was created by a team of hemp enthusiasts from all over the world, who joined forces to create innovative and safe hemp products.

Their experience of more than 10 years allows them to manage the entire production cycle, refine the selection of strains to create quality products.

Our opinion:

You may have heard of them with their first success, the CBD Kanavape vaporizer, which has become a reference in the hemp industry.