1x Sweet Star Pre-Rolled Joint - Qualicann Indoor
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1x Sweet Star Pre-Rolled Joint - Qualicann

Name: 1x Pre-Rolled Sweet Star Joint - Qualicann

Content: 100% Sweet Star
Amount of pure flower per joint: ≈1.0g
THC content: <1%
CBD content: <26%
Dimension: 100mm approx.
Growing: Indoor
Taste: sweet and sour, mint

CHF8.93 (tax incl.) CHF8.26 (tax excl.)
Tax included


Who doesn't know the problem of running out of time, filters or paper? We have the solution: our SWEET STAR Prerolled joint, with up to 26% CBD and 1% THC, completely tobacco free. Well protected and hermetically packed, it keeps its fresh flavor for a long time. The additional removable filter also ensures an even smoother consumption experience. For those who prefer a stronger taste, simply remove the extra filter.