Black Hash Kush - by Captain Trichome - Ghostweeders Hash & Pollen
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Black Hash Kush - by Captain Trichome - Ghostweeders

Name : Black Hash Kush - by Captain Trichome

Quantity : 2.8g
THC content : <1% (1)
CBD content : <35% (in the case of CBD)
Price per gram : 7.15 CHF/g

CHF20.07 (tax incl.) CHF18.57 (tax excl.)
Tax included

The product:

Captain Trichome is our signature hashish maker, our blender at heart. A great believer in Temple balls and hashish maturation, he concocts CBD hashish in the spirit of Moroccan, Afghan and Nepalese traditions, where craftsmanship and quality are at the origin of unique, tasty and beneficial products.

Black Hash Kush is made according to the Afghan Mazar-I-Sharif method. It is a blend of distillate and handmade pollen. The pollen has been previously dried in the sun to allow the transformation and the development of its organoleptic elements.

This hashish with the relaxing effects supports a deep relaxation; a true anti white nights.