List of products by brand Stecklingsfarm

Their CBD cuttings and flowers are produced exclusively indoors in Switzerland, in accordance with GMP guidelines. In Italy, they produce wonderful CBD flowers outdoors (in the tunnel) on their own fields. Naturally, production also takes place in Italy, to the highest quality standards and using standardised processes.

They have a wide range with stable genetics and high CBD content for Switzerland and EU countries. They focus on reliable delivery times, always mindful of their responsibility to their customers.

They run an innovative selection programme with partners in Europe. In this way, they are setting new standards in the breeding characteristics of the aroma and structure of the flowers. What's more, they can constantly launch new varieties.

Ciao Bella - Stecklingsfarm
Name: Ciao Bella
Quantity: 3 grTHC : <1%CBD : 14%Culture: GreenhouseTaste: Vanilla, fruity with a skunk kick!Price per gram: Chf 3.33 CHF/g
Bombe Special - Stecklingsfarm
Name : Bombe Special
Quantity: 3 grTHC : <1%CBD : 17%Taste: Full-bodied and powerful!Cultivation: IndoorPrice per gram: Chf 5.00 CHF/g
Lemon Muffin - Stecklingsfarm
Name: Lemon Muffin 
Quantity : 3 grTHC : <1%CBD : 15%Taste : Sweet with a strong lemon taste and a hint of honeyCulture : IndoorPrice per gram : Chf 5.00 CHF/g
Blueberry Muffin - Stecklingsfarm
Name : Blueberry Muffin
Quantity : 3 grTHC :  <1.0%CBD : 14%Taste : Fruity and sweet with a skunky noteCulture : IndoorPrice per gram : Chf 5.00 CHF/g