List of products by brand Cannaliz

The objective of Cannaliz is to develop hemp-based products, rich in CBD, which are legal because they are low in THC, and accessible in Switzerland and Europe, without any medical claims. They are constantly looking for new flowers and new extracts with a variety of distinct molecules that all have distinctive profiles. They themselves extract the essential oils from hemp in a laboratory using a full spectrum extraction process. All their products are analysed internally by the Cannalytix laboratories and externally by other independent laboratories.

Weedstick "Feel your love" mouthpiece inhaler - Cannaliz
New cannabis aromatherapy mouth inhaler.
Each Weedstick contains 200 puffs of fresh pure and organic cannabis essential oilonly.
No smoke, no vapor, no battery and ready to use instantly and anywhere.
100% legal in all countries, as it has 0% CBD and 0% THC.
CBD Booster 5% - Cannaliz - Swiss CBD
Name : CBD Booster 100
Oil quantity: 20mlTHC rate : <1%CBD rate: 5%Taste: CannabisNicotine: Without Propylene glycol (PG): Without