Pre-rolled cones - 32 pces - Raw Rolling sheets
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Pre-rolled cones - 32 pces - Raw

Name: Pre-rolled cones

Diameter: 6-7 mm to the filter
Length: 109 mm Total
Quantity: 32 Cones
Paper type: Natural

CHF7.50 (tax incl.) CHF6.96 (tax excl.)
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The product:

Cannabis King® presents the pre-rolled cones from Raw. Offered in a practical box containing 32 pieces, the cones are made with the same rolling paper that made Raw's reputation. Chlorine-free, gluten-free, animal fat-free and unbleached sheets!

The cardboard filters are precision rolled and this cone will save you time and give you a perfectly rolled and perfectly sized seal every time. The paper is embossed with a special watermark that allows your gasket to burn evenly.

A revolution in the tobacco industry, no less for these beautiful cones that will quickly become a must-have in your drawer!

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