Active Charcoal Filters 6.4mm - 55 pces - Hybrid Supreme Filtres à charbon actif
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Active Charcoal Filters 6.4mm - 55 pces - Hybrid Supreme

Name: Active Charcoal Filters

Quantity per box: 55 pcs
Filter dimensions: Diameter: 6.4mm, Length: 30mm

For single use only

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The product:

Cannabis King® offers you the new Hybrid Supreme activated carbon filters. They are revolutionary in their design. A succession of four layers of cellulose and activated charcoal eliminates the inhalation of even the smallest particles of activated charcoal!

According to a scientific study, Hybride Supreme filters reduce carcinogenic pollutants by 38%, nicotine by 16%, activated carbon dust by 99% and leave you with 100% taste and pleasure!

The effects and taste of your favourite herbs will not be altered!

A new type of filter to be tested urgently!