Vaporizer Argo - Arizer
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Argo - Arizer - Vaporizer

Model : Argo
Manufacturer: Arizer

Type : Vaporizer
Raw material : Aluminium, glass
Type of use : Grass
Dimensions : Very compact
Weight : 180 gr
Warranty : 2 Years

VAT included

The product

The Arizer ArGo is very compact and its heating time is less than one minute.

The + to be noted:

Interchangeable battery
Micro-USB for charging
Simple and intuitive interface

Arizer has transcended portability with this model that retains all the qualities of other Arizer products, by which we mean :

Maintenance-free cleaning, glass mouthpiece and impeccable steam quality.

With 1 or 2 spare batteries, you will be ready for any situation.

The brand