List of products by brand Slow Weed

The project is rooted in Slow Weef's academic background, through which they have internalized systems, ecological and sustainable thinking. Their inflorescences are cultivated using various permaculture techniques in an organic way and do not contain fertilizers or chemicals. Slow Weed is a Swiss, ecological and 100% natural brand.

Arancia Tonic Outdoor - Slow Weed
Name: Arancia Tonic  
Quantity: 6.00gTHC rate: <1%CBD rate : <18%Taste: Fruity, strong orange and citrus notesCulture: Outdoor Price per gram: Chf 4.00
White Russian Outdoor - Slow Weed
Name: White Russian  
Quantity: 6.00gTHC rate: <1%CBD rate : <20%Taste: FruityCulture: Outdoor Price per gram: Chf 4.00