CBD Booster 5% - Cannaliz - Swiss CBD CBD Oils
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CBD Booster 5% - Cannaliz - Swiss CBD

Name : CBD Booster 100

Oil quantity: 20ml
THC rate : <1%
CBD rate: 5%
Taste: Cannabis
Nicotine: Without
Propylene glycol (PG): Without

CHF50.09 (tax incl.) CHF46.33 (tax excl.)
Tax included

The product

The CBD Booster from Cannaliz is not an oil like any other. It is important to know that this liquid acts as a booster for the diffusion of the CBD. A 100% complete cannabis that respects the fairness of what the original plant provides. The assembly of the molecules favours and increases the diffusion of CBD. This is why it is advisable to use this booster separately or before our CBD oils.

The extraction process used for the design of the CBD Booster 100, not only covers CBD, but also a rather wide range of more delicate molecules present in essential oils, such as mono-terpenes, flavonoids, esters etc. These are more or less degraded when using conventional CBD extraction methods, such as ethanol RSO for example.

This product contains 5% CBD but retains the full spectrum of the other molecules to provide an exceptional aroma and make all the components work optimally. 

An innovative product to be tested as a matter of urgency!

We recommend that you read the instructions on the packaging before your first use!