Drip Dosing 40 Capsules Set - Storz & Bickel Accessories
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Drip Dosing 40 Capsules Set - Storz & Bickel

Name: Drip Dosing Capsule Set

Quantity: 40 pces

CHF42.16 (tax incl.) CHF39.00 (tax excl.)
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The product :

The Stroz & Bickel drip capsule set is very practical.

Simply open the small lid and pour your vaping liquids and oils directly into the capsule. Close it and place it in your MIGHTY, CRAFTY or EASY VALVE with reducer.

You can fill them in advance, and you'll always have a capsule ready to go. They are easy to fill and provide an exceptional flavour!

The box contains 40 capsules with lids.