E-liquid Tangie - Cali Terpenes E-liquids
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E-liquid Tangie - Cali Terpenes

Type: E-liquid Tangie
Brand: Cali Terpenes
Quantity of E-Liquid: 10ml
THC rate: 0%.
CBD rate: 0%.
Taste: Tangie
Nicotine: Without
Propylenglycol (PG): with

CHF8.53 (tax incl.) CHF7.89 (tax excl.)
Tax included

The product:

Cali Terpenes e-liquids guarantee the flavours and aromas that are faithful to the aromatic profile of each cannabis variety, thanks to Cali Terpenes terpenes. Their high quality formulation was developed in collaboration with the medical expert in cannabinoids, terpenes and spraying: Mariano Garcia de Palau. These liquids have a low content of vegetable glycerin, which makes them healthier and are made from raw materials of European origin. e-liquids undergo a rigorous quality control process. Shake well before use, not suitable for pregnant women and young people under 18 years of age.

The brand:

Cali Terpenes is a leading company in the production of high quality terpene profiles and electronic liquids based on terpenes. cali Terpenes is based in Barcelona and started in California following the legalization of cannabis and the massive emergence of'Vape Pens' with cannabinoid distillates, cannabis extracts and cannabis food products.They can count on a large team of experts in cannabis and medicinal plants, chemists, chemists, chemists, flavour chemists, doctors, technicians... as well as on premises at the cutting edge of technology, which allow an innovative and superior quality product.Their main objective has always been to provide all types of sectors with a new type of flavouring with the aromatic profile of the best cannabis varieties, which undoubtedly offer added value to the different types of products, using high quality raw materials, certified and analysed - only from the European Community - to ensure that our products meet our customers' expectations.Cali Terpenes is a company that produces the highest quality terpene-based e-liquids (cannabis-flavoured e-liquids), formulated in collaboration with the famous Dr. Mariano García de Palau, who is an expert in cannabinoids and terpenes.

Our opinion:

An innovative and delicious product, to be tested without further delay!