The King's Party Joint - Cannabis King® Joints Pré-Roulé
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The King's Party Joint - Cannabis King®

Name : The King's Party Joint

Quantity: 5g minimum

THC content:
CBD content:
Cultivation: 100% Trim Indoor
Diameter: Base 1cm, Tip 2.5cm
Length: 25cm

The shipment contains only the Party Joint, not the king size below which just illustrates the size difference.

  • Intense Lemon
  • Intense Orange
  • Strawberry Splash
  • Candy Crush
CHF19.50 (tax incl.) CHF18.11 (tax excl.)
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The product:

Cannabis King® presents the King size pre-rolled joint! A huge size joint, pre-rolled without tobacco with at least 5 grams of high quality indoor trim.

After a proper lighting, it will be consumed very well, without addiction and will have an impressive lifespan. It is ideal for parties with friends or as an original gift!

With four different tastes, you can be the King of many partys!

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