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Zazaya - Swiss Botanic - Cannabis CBD Switzerland

Name : Zazaya

Quantity: 11g
THC content:
CBD content:
Taste: Amnezia
Cultivation: Indoor
Price per gram: Chf 4.55 .-

Would you like to discover a fruity-tasting CBD variety that's a pleasure to smoke? Let Zazaya CBD surprise you. This indoor cannabidiol strain is from Swiss Botanic. Indica-dominant CBD, it's available in 11-gram bags from our online legal cannabis shop. Here are the main features of Zazaya.

CHF50.00 (tax incl.) CHF48.73 (tax excl.)
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The product

After 3 weeks of growth, Zazaya strain plants flower for 9 weeks. During the last 3 weeks, they are watered with pure water to release all their aromas before being harvested. After a minimum curing period of 2 weeks, they are packaged. Sold in bags with a boveda, the pretty buds remain intact until opened. Compact and resinous, they are light green in color. But don't be fooled by appearances: CBD Zazaya hides its secrets.

According to our most loyal customers, CBD Zazaya offers a well-balanced sensation. The effect is as mild as it is relaxing, and lasts for several hours. You may also feel a touch of euphoria and an urge to eat. This slightly indica-dominant cannabidiol strain is the ideal partner for unwinding after a long day's work.

Do you like CBD with a tangy taste? Zazaya is sure to please. It develops natural tangy aromas, accompanied by an olfactory bouquet of exotic fruits. A pure delight on the palate! You'll also appreciate the intensity of its scent. Thanks to the terpene shield Boveda included in the sachet, your cannabis flowers won't lose any of their flavour or effectiveness.

At Swiss Botanic, we take great pride in guaranteeing our customers the excellent quality of the final product they can purchase from our online CBD shop. The Zazaya CBD variety of cannabis flowers has been awarded the "Most Wanted Label". It has a very low THC content (less than 1%) and a high CBD content of around 24-29%. You can buy it in a 9-gram bag. We offer discreet delivery and secure payment methods. Don't hesitate to discover all our CBD and CBG ranges on our website!