Cannabis Seeds "Fenomax" - Fenocan Cuttings and seeds
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Cannabis Seeds "Fenomax" - Fenocan

Name: Cannabis Seeds "Fenomax"

Quantity: 5 pces
THC rate: <1%.
CBD rate : <25%
Taste: Earthy, pine notes, spices

CHF45.94 (tax incl.) CHF44.78 (tax excl.)
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The product:

Cannabis King brings you Fenomax cannabis seeds from Fenocan. They are feminised and offer you an excellent variety.

This plant is ideal for both extraction and flower production. Concentrations of up to 24% CBD have been measured for this variety.

This strain is a hybrid derived from the Fenomed strain. Its flowers will be denser and more compact, while the cannabinoid and terpene profiles are very close to its sister strain. It will have a rather earthy taste, with hints of pine and subtle spices.

A variety loaded with CBD and with a very high yield not to be missed!