Jilter One Shot Pipe - Jilter® Pipe
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Jilter One Shot Pipe - Jilter®

Name: Jilter One Shot Pipe

Contains: 1 aluminium one shot Jilter® pipe, 1 tweezers, 1 spare mouthpiece and a pack of 42 Zetklick Jilter® filters.

Pipe size: 85mm
Filter size: 7mm

  • Green
  • Gold
  • Argenté
  • Rose
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The product:

Cannabis King® presents the one-shot pipe from Jilter®. A practical kit containing an aluminium pipe, a spare mouthpiece, tweezers and a box of 42 Jilters® filters.

It is very easy to use! Remove the mouthpiece to put a filter in it, then gently put the mouthpiece back inside. It will be held securely in place with a thick gasket. Fill the pipe with your favourite mixture and you're done! The pipe can be completely dismantled and is easy to clean. You can easily change the supplied filters using the clamps.

With its light weight and small size, this pipe is practical to carry everywhere with you! It will give you a quick and efficient one-shot at all times!

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