Hermetic Storage Box PartyPac - Tightvac Accessories
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Hermetic Storage Box PartyPac - Tightvac

Name: Hermetic Storage Box PartyPac

Material: Solid plastic
Colour: Black
Dimension: 12cm

CHF3.51 (tax incl.) CHF3.25 (tax excl.)
Tax included

The product:

Cannabis King® offers you the PartyPac model of the famous TightPac airtight storage boxes.
PartyVac is a handy 12cm long and will protect your herbs, cigarettes or any other items of your choice. A very affordable container that will hold enough material for an evening with friends, or even more depending on how much you've used!

TightPac containers are waterproof, water-resistant and odour-free. Ideal for storing grilled herbs, ready to be sprayed in a portable vaporizer!