Gold Grinder Magnifier - 50mm - High Field Grinders
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Gold Grinder Magnifier - 50mm - High Field

Name: Gold Grinder Magnifier - 50mm - High Field

Design: Golden Grinder with Magnifier
Ø: 50mm
Height: 42mm
Material: Aluminum - CNC milled - storage compartment with magnifier

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High quality grinder with storage compartment and magnifying glass!

This slim aluminum jewel has a diameter of 50 mm and a height of 42 mm. So there is enough room to cut your smoking product ready for consumption. The CNC-machined diamond teeth cut your herbs without mercy. With the help of the nylon sliding ring, they almost do it themselves. Thanks to the four-part structure of the mill, the plant material can be separated from the pollen in the collection chamber by a sieve. On top, the grinder also comes with a small scraper for scraping.