Filter with seeds - Karma Filters
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Filter with seeds - Karma

Type : Filter with seeds
Brand : Karma

Quantity per booklets : 34 filter
Size of the filter tip : 55x20mm

CHF1.20 (tax incl.) CHF1.20 (tax excl.)
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The product:

Karma filters are made 100% biodegradable and handmade and are very pleasant to drive. Environmentally friendly, they contain seeds of red amaranth, common basil, sacred basil and spinach.

The brand:

Karma is a brand of ecological filters manufactured according to a patented process where fruit and vegetable pulp is used to create paper. Seeds are added during the process and are protected against nicotine and heat, while being protected by specially designed paper, which also absorbs tar naturally.

Our opinion:

Very good alternative to standard cardboard filters. Now it's basil, spinach and red amaranth that grow when you throw away your cigarette butts!

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