Weedstick "Feel your love" mouthpiece inhaler - Cannaliz Aromatherapy
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Weedstick "Feel your love" mouthpiece inhaler - Cannaliz

New cannabis aromatherapy mouth inhaler.

Each Weedstick contains 200 puffs of fresh pure and organic cannabis essential oilonly.

No smoke, no vapor, no battery and ready to use instantly and anywhere.

100% legal in all countries, as it has 0% CBD and 0% THC.

CHF19.97 (tax incl.) CHF18.48 (tax excl.)
Tax included


Aspirate gently with your mouth until you make contact with your throat. You can keep the aromas in the back of your mouth, as you wish, in order to have contact with your olfactory bulbs. Breathe out slowly through your nose. It is not necessary to breathe deeply into your lungs, like a cigarette. With the Weedstick, your oral and nasal olfactory bulbs are the active receptors.

Composition: 100% essential cannabis oil

We recommend that you close the tips of your Weedstick between uses and store it in its case to prevent it from drying out.