Rolling Sheets - Gizeh King Size Slim - Hanf + Gras Rolling sheets
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Rolling Sheets - Gizeh King Size Slim - Hanf + Gras

Type : King Size Slim Hanf + Gras
Brand : Gizeh

Quantity per booklet : 34 sheets
Sheet size : 107x44mm
Weight: Extra fine paper 14g/m²
Material: organic hemp paper

CHF2.01 (tax incl.) CHF1.86 (tax excl.)
Tax included


Gizeh Hanf + Gras King Size Slim are unbleached and uncolored leaves, made from 100% certified organic hemp. The extra fine texture of the leaves guarantees a moment of authentic pleasure, supported and extended by a slower burning. The papers are delivered in the usual quality of Gizeh with 34 "Extra Fine" sheets (14.0 g/m²), as well as a durable closing mechanism without magnets.


Gizeh is a German brand that specializes in all smoking items. Their presence on the market for decades has allowed them to acquire an unparalleled expertise in this field

Our opinion:

The extra thin paper ensures pure enjoyment without inappropriate taste